Vision Tranyslvania

2015 VISION Youth Leadership Award Winners

Jacey Voris (RHS) and Joseph Roberts (BHS)

Vision Leadership Award

Presented in memory of Joe F. Tuttle, Director 2001-2009, and honoring the contributions of students who represent the very best attributes and accomplishments.  The VISION Leadership Award is given annually to eligible graduating seniors from Brevard High School, Rosman High School and Davidson River School.

Leadership Award Winners Selection Criteria:

Students who:

  • best exemplify the spirit of BHS/RHS in social, recreational and service activities.
  • demonstrate and encourage leadership of youth by youth
  • serve their community and their school.
  • demonstrate growth in their leadership roles.
  • are creatively involved in student life.
  • influence change or implement new directions or initiatives.
  • solve problems in imaginative ways.
  • possess a commitment to “action.”
  • take responsibility.

There is no application involved in this process. Nomination forms are distributed to faculty and staff as determined by the individual school.

Completed forms are returned to a committee established by the principal of each school.  The committees recommend a maximum of three students from each school.  These names are forwarded to a final selection committee made up of representatives from VISION, Brevard High School, and Rosman High School. The final selection committee conducts interviews for all finalists and selects the award recipients.

The VISION Leadership Award is presented at a special VISION event or a school function.​

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